Well, Hey.

Welcome to my food blog, which has nothing about food on it yet…

Ever sine I can remember I have loved to cook with my mom, aunts and grandmothers. It’s just something we do in our family. Now that I’m older (but not that old), cooking and tasting has become something more than just, “Sara, crack that egg for me.” It’s about the taste, the way the ingredients work together and the presentation. People always say, “Who cares about the way food looks on a plate? It’s all going to the same place anyway.” Au contraire my friend! Your eyes taste the food first.

With my recent journalism degree and love for food, I have decided to start this food blog. A blog with restaurant reviews, recipes, food stories/experiences and maybe even some movie/book reviews with a little fashion thrown in — we can get a little crazy and mix it up. Right?

So, here it goes…

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