Julie ChildHow refreshing. A movie simply about food, life and cooking opening up a whole other world to two women. “Julie & Julia” was quirky, entertaining and brought back something most people do not think they have time for: cooking.

Julie Powell said cooking was something she loved to do; something she could do to escape the troubles of her day. Agreed. There is nothing better than coming home, throwing together different aromas and turning it into something you want more of when your plate is empty. Food brought both women back to life. It gave them both the means and opportunity to be someone when they were bored or drowning.

Cooking use to be something every woman did. Then it turned into frozen TV dinners (awful). Then  came the time when women did not want to be housewives and have to stay in the kitchen and slave over a stove (which I agree with). And now we are in a period where we are too busy to even stop and think about what we are going to do next, so we order take out and have someone else cook for us. Stop people. Cooking is not a chore. It’s something you can engage in and create on your own. I know not everyone likes to cook or think they are good at it, but it can be done. All you have to do is try. 

So, throw the take out menus away, push the microwave aside and enjoy the art of cooking and escaping into something delicious.

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