Perini Ranch Steakhouse.

Right now I am dreaming of Perini Ranch Steakhouse. West Texas at its finest.

Juicy steaks, fries, bread pudding and fantastic burgers accompanied with the best buns I have ever tasted (that’s what she said…). Tom Perini, who has made a name for himself, not only in Texas, but nationally, offers a dining experience like no other. Located in Buffalo Gap, Texas, people would eat at Perini’s even if they served mediocre food because of the atmosphere. But lucky for us, the atmosphere everyone loves is accompanied with finger-licking food.

Texas prides itself in its meat, and does it in a big way. The saying “Everything is bigger in Texas” is not a mistake. You’ll leave stuffed with a take out box in your hand.

The best seating it outside. Yes, I know, it’s hot. But you can deal. Outside, your meal will be accompanied by picnic tables, dirt, a fire, outside lights and the wonderful West Texas sunset.

Add a little southern hos3552104331_47bea0520d[1]pitality into the mix and Perini Ranch Steakhouse is one fine restaurant.

Of course, walking out you will hear, Y’all Come Back Now Ya Hear!

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