Sweet, Sweet Lovin.

LOLA'S SUGAR RUSHHistoric Downtown Littleton is reviving itself. Restaurants, bars and boutiques line the street, making the Littleton strip one hoppin place. 

Need a sugar rush? I know I often do. Head down to Lola’s Sugar Rush — the ultimate sweet shoppe. Hundreds of glass jars line the walls with candy we loved as a kid. Gum drops, lolipops, coke bottles, snaps, pop rocks and oh so much more. It’s like walking into candy heaven. Fill your bag with what ever your sweet tooth desires and you’ll be rushed back into childhood. Lola’s also has ice cream, homemade desserts, coffee, tea and gifts.

Lola’s Sugar Rush is without a doubt, The Ultimate Sweet Shoppe! 

Walk across the street and discover Tres Jolie — a quaint tea & champagne lounge, decorated with home and garden goodies for sale.

Tres JolieWant to throw your own tea party? Well, here, you can! Order from their list of countless teas and enjoy it with a tier of sweets: scones, tea sandwiches and scrumptious desserts. If tea is not what you fancy, how about sitting at their old-timey bar and enjoying a sandwich, italian cream soda or my personal favorite: frozen hot chocolate. I first fell in love with frozen hot chocolate while eating at the famous Serendipity  restaurant in New York City. I never thought I would find anything that would compare, but Tres Jolie proved me wrong. Delightful. 

Not too hungry? Shop around! Tres Jolie is filled with home furnishings, quilts, garden decor, lighting, paper goods and even more glass jars filled with sweets. It’s refreshingly funky.

Wether a party is in favor, you have a hankering for frozen hot chocolate or are shopping to antique your home — Tres Jolie is one bubbly place!

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