Scarf Me.

The one item everyone needs this fall: a fashionable scarf.

gp675354-01vliv01They can dress an outfit up. They can dress an outfit down. And they keep your neck warm. That’s like three different things for one item. If you get too hot with it on, tie it to your purse as an accessory. I think we just hit four. That’s one multitasking scarf.

Whether bright, dull, design, plain, fringe or classic, a scarf can adapt to any outfit or occasion you are planning to attend. Buy every kind of scarf, and you will never be lacking in variety . 

So stop trying to find the perfect necklace and stop shivering. Try  a fashionable scarf for a change, and you will wish fall lasted all year round. 

One thought on “Scarf Me.

  1. I LOVE scarves… brought one with me… dyed my white shirt red 😦 We should wear scarves when I get back and we go on epic walks and adventures in Littleton

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