Tea for Two.

Sometimes it is necessary to indulge; necessary to indulge into something luxurious. Sometimes I want to big_12dress in my best outfit, spend more money than I should and be surrounded by luxurious materials. And once a year, I do just that.

The Brown Palace Hotel, located downtown Denver, is Denver’s luxury hotel. The Brown opened its doors to Denver in 1892 and has remained true since. With its luxury rooms, restaurants, spa, lobby tea and service, The Brown is an escape into a luxurious world.

With that said, my indulgence is in their Traditional Afternoon Tea. Going through the revolving doors and stepping into the lobby, you will find families, friends and even the Hat Club sitting around marble tables enjoying their tier of food and sipping on their tea of choice — all accompanied by a piano player.

The seating is comfortable, intricate china is set for each person and the service is dressed in a black dress and white apron (resembling a maid). Once you have made yourself comfortable, open the menu and choose from a countlessbig_22 amount of teas and three different options for your tier of food. 

First comes the tea (each person gets their own teapot). Then comes the tier which is set in the center of the table. The bottom plate is filled with scones, accompanied by the best Devonshire cream shipped directly from England, the middle plate is filled with different tea sandwiches and the top plate is full of tea pastries. Seconds are even available for scones and sandwiches.

Yes, this is an expensive treat — around $30 per person. But like I said, this is my indulgence once a year. 

So this year, indulge in something luxurious and unique. The Brown Palace will not disappoint, but rather transport you into a classic world of luxury.

Tip: The Brown is best during the holidays. With extravagant decorations and lights, it will put you in a cheery mood. Reservations are hard to get during the holiday season. Book WAY in advance.

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