I’ll Have a Side of White Chocolate With That.

Denver is slowly becoming foodie paradise, and it’s about time.

64Restaurants are popping up all over the place. One recent foodie strip addition is located in The Vistas attached to Park Meadows. With many restaurants to choose from, all I have to say is white chocolate.

The White Chocolate Grill: An Honest American Dining Experience. And honest it was. At least their bartenders were honest. When they told me everything was good, they weren’t lying. Not to say I ate the entire menu, but what I did eat was savory and I can’t imagine any of their dishes tasting less than appetizing.

Eating bar top, I enjoyed the company of the more than qualified bartenders accompanied by their colorful display of bottles. Not59 even looking at the menu once, both bartenders were able to tell me about all the dishes including the ingredients. They didn’t even leave out the part about all the ingredients being made fresh in house. 

My friend and I indulged in wine while splitting two different entrees: an ahi tuna salad and rotisserie chicken crepes. You might be thinking to yourself, rotisserie chicken crepes? Yes, that’s what I said. Of course the ahi tuna salad with mangos and avocados was delectable, but the crepes were something neither of us had ever experienced. These were not filled with fruit and topped with powdered sugar. No, they were filled with spinach and mushrooms and topped with Madeira sauce and 9parmesan cheese. For the side we chose a corn salad. This meal was not lacking in uniqueness or flavor. The crepes are nothing short of good, in fact they are so good the grill decided to serve them for brunch every Saturday and Sunday.

The White Chocolate Grill is the perfect meal and atmosphere for anyone. With it’s classic, yet modern design, you can escape into a world of food. And don’t forget, for dessert, White Chocolate is served.

Happy hour is at the bar or patio from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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