Vanilla Roasted Pears.

Fruit is the one food that never fails me. However, like all food, it can get boring to eat the same way over and over again. So, why not try something different.

Yes, it is still winter — so why not take pears (a winter fruit) and spice them up a bit.

{ Vanilla Roasted Pears }

Take any number of pears — Peel, cut in half and stem through the core   Place in a baking dish cut-side up   Slice the vanilla bean in half and stir in the seeds with 1/4 cup sugar   Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the pears and sprinkle the sugar evenly   Put a dab of unsalted butter on each pear, place the vanilla pods in the dish and fill the bottom of the dish with a little water   Bake the pears for 30 minutes   Eat & Enjoy!

Serve these for dessert and your meal will end with a bang!

(Recipe: Sally Schneider at The Atlantic)

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