Cake & Shake.

Keegan Gerhard is a genius. Whoever thought of a wine and dessert bar is a genius. Put these two together and you have D Bar.

Located in Downtown Denver, D Bar is the perfect eatery for a night spent on the town sipping wine and eating the most perfect, undescribable chocolate cake you’ve ever had. Lets just say when M&M’s say it melts in your mouth and not in your hand, they’re actually describing Gerhard’s (who was the host of Food Network Challenge) chocolate cake. Well, to be menu-correct, his Cake & Shake. The Cake & Shake is also accompanied by a dessert menu as genius as the bar itself. How about a waffle ice cream sandwich, or donut holes, or milk and cookies. Everyone’s favorite things, but oh so much better at D Bar. He puts a sophisticated spin on classic, kid-loving desserts.

After experiencing D Bar, your mind will be put at ease through his culinary creations and sweet treats. I gurantee you will love the atmosphere, desserts and wine. When you stop in you might even see Gerhard himself. He was behind the bar when I was there cooking and mingling with the customers. Like I said before – Genius.

(Waffle) Ice Cream Sandwich

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