Reservation #3: Zengo

Located in Riverfront Park, Zengo is a Latin-Asian fusion restaurant. The atmosphere is vibrant and eclectic. I love the design and aura of the bar, seating area and dining room. Vibrant colors and food make it a great eating spot.

Their menu included three courses: appetizer, main dish and dessert. Before diving into the food, I had one of their signature drinks, a cucumber mojito. So refreshing and had just the right amount of cucumber and mint. Okay, first course. We ordered the Angry Zengo Roll (Spicy yellowfin tuna/cucumber/avocado wasabi tobiko/sesame chipotle rouille) and Give ‘n Take Chicken Salad (Togarshi candied pecan/mandarin/cabbage piloncillo ginger vinaigrette). Both had excellent presentation and flavor. On to the second course… we ordered Pan Seared Baramundi (Charred bok choy/green apple crab salad/Chile guajillo – lobster dashi) and the Beef Short Rib (Manchego potato puree/blistered corn salsa/hoisin adobo). The green apple crab salad was perfect and the short ribs could melt in your mouth; forget about a knife, the fork slid right through them. In case that wasn’t enough food, for the third course we ordered Chocolate Passion Mousse Cake (Chocolate/coconut/passion fruit crème/pecan) and Honey Semi-Freddo (Miso caramel apples/cinnamon ice cream/oat crumble). Both of these were on the opposite spectrum of dessert; one was rich and the other was mild. I had no idea what semi-freddo was, and I found out it was cream that was frozen and then set out to soften before plating. Now, I am not a huge fan of milk or cream, really anything white, but this grew on me after a couple of bites, especially since it was accompanied with apples and cinnamon ice cream.

After all of this, I was about stuffed. Nothing about Zengo disappointed. The whole place was vibrant and delicious, I would definitely go back for more.

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