Wine Country.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Wine Country is one of the best places ever. Not only is it represented by good wine and good food, it has beautiful views and wonderful scenery. It is amazing to see all of the perfect rows of grape plants covering the land everywhere you go. There is no other place like it (unless, of course, you are in another wine making region).

We visited seven different vineyards: Wellington, Loxton, Kunde, Robledo, Nicholson Ranch, V. Sattui and Pride. All with different atmospheres and wine, non disappointed. My favorite? Well, there are two. Pride Mountain Vineyards was by far the best tour and views. I would like to thank my friend Hayden and her husband for getting us a reservation there. The tour was great and the wine was wonderful, and not to mention expensive. All I can say is the tastings from the barrels were the best tasting sips of the whole trip. And for the second, Loxton. Red wine is definitely my favorite. I have always thought pinot noir was my favorite red wine. Right? Wrong. It was here I discovered Zinfandel is my favorite red wine. It’s spicy and peppery, just what I like.

Not only did we enjoy good wine, but good food as well. Bottega to follow…

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