Dreaming of…

Last night I dreamt of scallops, wine and Bottega. There is almost nothing better than scallops… Almost. However, when we’re discussing Michael Chiarello’s scallops at Bottega, I’m not so sure there is anything better.

Four big, perfectly cooked scallops sat on the plate accompanied by red heirloom carrots (which I didn’t know existed), a carrot puree and cocoa powder. Now, I thought the cocoa powder was the oddest addition to this dish, but it was so amazing. It added a little bitterness to the sweet carrots and rich scallops. It was the perfect combination.

I have not yet tried to master this recipe on my own, but am still working up a recipe to make it almost as perfect and delectable as Bottega did. So for now, I will continue to dream about it.

Two things Napa knows how to do: Wine and Food!

3 thoughts on “Dreaming of…

    • I actually do not have any of his cookbooks. But I loved his show Easy Entertaining on the Food Network. They stopped taping it but are now airing it again on the Cooking Channel.

      • Today I went to Amazon to see what books of his they got. Read a few reviews and … some people agree with you, you need to master those dishes otherwise they come up flat.
        Based on your experience, what is the actual cost of all the ingredients going into the dish?

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