Say Cheese.

A cheese plate is needed at every dinner party. Wether it’s served as an hors d’oeuvres or something delicious to snack on while preparing a meal, it serves as something salty and savory to prepare for the course(s) ahead. A cheese plate must have a sharp cheese, a soft cheese, a blue cheese and a cheese outside the box (ex: a cheese with fruit in it). Of course, this is not a cheese plate rule, but one I like to go by in order to make a plate pleasing and adventurous for all. The cheese can be accompanied by crackers, bread, olives and fruit.

This summer me and two of my girlfriends were having a dinner party… and when I say a dinner party I mean just the three of us. We created this cheese platter, and it was delicious if I may say so myself. Accompanying our cheese was crackers, green olives filled with blue cheese and red peppers stuffed with feta. It was all tantalizing and addicting.

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